Guaranteed locked in flavour

Gina’s Table produces the fruit you know, but not as you know it. From our bountiful farm in Bundaberg Queensland, we’ve freeze-dried a selection of our freshest fruit for a surprising twist.

Our fruit is suspended in time at its seasonal best. Ridiculously yum, naturally sweet, and versatile.

On its own, freeze-dried fruit is the imaginative go-to for a nutritious treat, use whole, crumbled or powdered as the perfect cooking ingredient to add a little magic to any dish.

  • Fuel for imagination

    Gina’s Table freeze-dried strawberries are the smartest of snacks and the perfect pantry staple to marry with a myriad of wholesome treats.

    Keep them on hand for whenever you or yours are in the mood to blend, bake, top, mix or simply snack. See our recipe section here.

  • Makes healthy eating a snap

    Keep in your pantry or take with you. Our freeze-dried strawberries are the healthy addition to lunchboxes, trail packs and party platters.

    With a long shelf life, wide appeal, and a resealable pack, healthy eating is a snap for the whole family!

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