The HapplesTM family is now on Gina’s table and we couldn’t be happlier!

Gina’s Table HapplesTM are made from delicious hand-picked apples straight from Australia’s premium orchards.

The HapplesTM family

  • Grab a bag on the go

    Gina’s Table HapplesTM are the perfect choice before you run out the door!

  • The healthy option

    Put a smile on your kids’ face with this fun and healthy treat stashed in their lunchbox!

  • Not just for kids!

    A delicious and guilt-free snack for when those mid-morning or afternoon cravings hit!

  • Even better at home!

    Gina’s Table HapplesTM are the perfect tasty, fruity snack that’s ready when you are.

Why are Gina’s Table HapplesTM so good?

How Gina’s Table turn Australia’s favourite apples into delicious, crunchy HapplesTM snacks!

Chopped into bite-size pieces, the apples are freeze dried to keep all the appley nutritious goodness in the snack and blasted with fresh delicious strawberries, zingy raspberries or sunny tropical mango for that unique Happily taste.

Gina’s Table HapplesTM are made here in Australia from 100% real Aussie fruit. Full of fruity goodness, Gina’s Table HapplesTM are found in your local store, so you can enjoy the fruity crunch whenever you like.

It’s fresh fruit, but not as you know it!

Find out where to buy Gina’s table HapplesTM near you

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