From our family to yours...

Our Story

​Gina’s Table is part of SSS Strawberries, a family owned strawberry farm, ran by the second-generation Dang families’ sons and daughters, Victor, Tam, Toan, Gina, Trini, Rena and Lilly.

Since 2006 we have grown to become the largest strawberry grower in Australia. With over three hundred acres growing over 4 million strawberry plants, we have become one of the biggest employers in the Bundaburg region with more than 300 staff employed during our peak season.

Come and see for yourself, visit our shop or pick your own. Visitors are always welcome.

Bundaberg North Burnett is one of the largest fresh produce rich regions in Queensland. It’s for that reason that the area is sometimes referred to as ‘the Bundaberg Bowl’, growing and producing fresh food that is served on tables right across the county and internationally.

The region’s rich red volcanic soil and near-perfect growing conditions produce an amazing array of fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and other freshly picked goodness to keep Aussie tummies full every day. We have wonderful fresh quality produce from our rich soils, clean air and a superb climate, not to mention some of the most important beaches and reefs in Australia.

We consider ourselves fortunate to live here and are proud to call it home.

We believe Bundaberg is destined to become one of Australia’s iconic areas and we intend to be a main contributor to that success. There is a lot of work to do to get there, but we are committed to the ongoing success of the area.

In the meantime … it’s back to ploughing the paddock!

  • Visit the shop

    Try some of the best tasting fruits from Bundaberg! Our berries ripen on the bush and are picked fresh daily. There are no substitutes for these delicious fruits.

    Trading hours: May to November: 7 Days, 7am – 5pm

  • Pick your own

    There’s nothing quite like it, picking straight from the bush. There’s no entry fee you’re welcome to stay as long as you like, all you pay for, is what you pick. A great day out for families.

    PYO starts Mid August to the end of November.

Check our facebook page for details.

Working with us

​Each season we employ over 300 people in various roles.
Contact us if you are interested in work.

For international visitors

If you’re a Backpacker on a Working Holiday Visa seeking to complete your 88 Days to claim your Second Year Visa you’ve found the right place. Or, if you’re a just simply looking for Seasonal Farm Work during the months of March to October, join the SSS Strawberries team and stay at one of our wonderful new units.

SSS Backpacker Village provides 30 unit accommodation within a gated worker’s community. Facilities include a full security system, spacious parking, GYM, a Basket Ball Court and Barbecue at the lowest costs you’ll find anywhere in Bundaberg. All amenities are close by, Bundaberg CBD is only 7 minutes drive and Bargara Beach is 10 minutes.

We live by what we say

Our Corporate Values are the foundation of our success and underpin our business culture.

  • Family Atmosphere

    We treat all our people as friends and family, we look out for their safety and well-being whilst having fun.

  • Integrity and Commitment

    We say what we mean, and we do what we say. We have a positive and honest approach to our work.

  • Trust and Respect

    We are an inclusive company and treat everyone equally and fairly, and are against all forms of discrimination.

  • Innovation and Improvement

    Continuous improvement and development of innovative, sustainable practices is always a top priority.

  • Fairness and Honesty

    We work honestly and always look for the win/win.

  • Quality Focus

    We are dedicated to the quality of our work and the quality of our products.

Our values aren’t just meaningless words. We work tirelessly to help the community that we came from in Vietnam, and the community we now call home in Bundaberg.